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The central component of the Gateway is a searchable database containing details of current projects in the e-Humanities field across a broad spectrum of disciplines in Australian universities. Individuals are encouraged to submit details of their project for inclusion in the database, acceptance being subject to a review process by the Network.

News on current activities and events in the e-Humanities field will also be available on the website, and through an e-Humanities bulletin, to which individuals may also submit items.

An overview of digital resources available to humanities researchers not familiar with the field will also be an essential component of the Gateway.

2. The Australian e-Humanities Network

The Australian e-Humanities Network project is the result of a partnership between the Australian Academy of the Humanities, the University of Sydney and the University of Newcastle, developed in response to the advances in digital technology that are transforming the nature of humanities research worldwide. The aim of the e-Humanities Network is to facilitate access to the latest digital resources and research techniques for Australian researchers and students, and to facilitate the communication between researchers in the e-Humanities field which is indispensable to its vitality and devlopment.

The project aims to meet these objective through the implementation of three integrated initiatives: - construction and maintenance of a specifically Australian gateway for access to information on digital resources for research in the humanities; - development and delivery of training in digital research methods for scholars and students; and - provision of infrastructure for the staging of a bi-annual national conference on progress in the field.

2a. Network Partners

The current partners in the Australian e-Humanities Network are:

The Australian Academy of the Humanities
Participating member(s):
John Byron, Executive Director, AAH
Associate Professor Paul Eggert, Fellow, AAH, Director of the Australian Scholarly Editions Centre

The University of Newcastle - The Centre for Literary and Linguistic Computing (CLLC)
Participating member(s):
Associate Professor Hugh Craig, Director, CLLC

The University of Sydney - The University of Sydney Library
Participating member(s):
John Shipp, University Librarian
Dr Creagh Cole, Coordinator, The Scholarly Electronic Text and Imaging Service (SETIS)
Ross Coleman, Director, Sydney eScholarship

The Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (RIHSS)
Participating member(s):
Professor Margaret Harris(English)
Dr Linda Barwick , (Director, PARADISEC digital audio archive)
Dr Ian Johnson ,(Director, Archaeological Computing Laboratory)
Rowanne Couch (Project Officer, RIHSS)

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